Welcome to Retrami Solutions

Welcome to Retrami Solutions, the home of the Disk Nip 'n' Tuck.

At Retrami Solutions, we focus on providing software solutions specific to the needs of your business. Whether you need a solution that has been designed from scratch or just to allow your current software to work more effectively, we can work with you to help your systems integrate better. We don't limit you to the Windows platform. We can work with other platforms such as Linux or Mac too! Our applications are not just limited to the desktop environment.

We can also write applications according to your specifications that work through your web browser. This allows the same application to be used across multiple platforms, whether they be Windows, Linux, Mac or a more exotic choice. As long as you have a reasonably modern web browser, the same application can be used for all platforms. Industry standard technologies are used to assemble your preferred solution. Customise it YOUR way.

Whatever the requirement, large or small, we can help.